Donations Overview

You can raise money online, offline, or both. All gifts are 100 percent tax deductible and donors will receive a tax receipt.

Online donations

Online donations are any donations made through the runner’s TeamRaiser fundraising page. If someone wishes to support your effort online, please direct them to your personal TeamRaiser fundraising page. Online gifts will be reflected on your TeamRaiser fundraising page in real time.

Offline donations

Offline donations are any donations not made through the runner’s TeamRaiser fundraising page. All offline donations (personal checks made out to Brigham and Women’s Hospital) should be collected by the runner and sent to the Development Office at the address below, accompanied by one of the donation cover sheets.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Development Office
Boston Marathon
116 Huntington Avenue, Third Floor
Boston, MA 02116

*If a donor is unable to make a gift online or via check, and gives you cash, please call (617-424-4235) or email ( for the appropriate next steps.

Please note donation do’s and don’ts.


  • Keep a copy of all checks and forms for your records
  • Let us know if a donor wishes to be anonymous
  • Be sure to encourage your donors to contact their employers about their companies matching gift program and if their gift can be doubled!
  • Make all checks payable to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, with the runner name listed in the memo line to ensure proper crediting. We cannot accept checks made payable to the runner.
  • Please send checks as soon as you receive them so we are able to process and receipt the gift(s) quickly. Your offline gift will be reflected on your fundraising page within one week of receipt in the Brigham Development Office.
  • For general and matching gift inquiries email


  • Mail cash. Instead, call or email us for the appropriate next step.
  • Collect cash and write a personal check. This makes you the legal donor. Instead, call or email us for the appropriate next step.