IMPORTANT UPDATE: 3/26 Training Run Cancelled

As the B.A.A. prepares for the 126th Boston Marathon, they have instructed all charity partners NOT to run on the Boston Marathon course the weekend of March 26th.  As a result, the Brigham Stepping Strong Marathon Team long run scheduled for March 26 has been cancelled. Instead, Coach Furey has modified the training schedule for an out and back run from Joint Ventures on March 19 which will be the longest training run this season.

The B.A.A. shared with charity team organizers that the marathon requires many partners – local municipalities, public safety departments, and hospitals – all of whom are over-worked and under-staffed as they continue to respond to the pandemic and that these partners have asked the B.A.A. to suspend any support of organized long runs on March 26th.  We must comply with this request as the B.A.A. has clearly stated that any charity teams/runners who do not follow these instructions will not be allowed to participate in future Boston Marathons.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance.

From start to finish,

Ali, Alexa and Caroline