Red Sox Ticket Winners and Marathon Team Updates

Congratulations to Colleen S. and Ty V. for each winning a pair of Red Sox Tickets to sit in the Green Monster! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this fundraising challenge! We are so grateful for your commitment and hard work to support the Stepping Strong Center.

Special Delivery!

Singlets, jackets and sneakers…OH MY! Get excited because all runner gear will be shipped on Tuesday, August 10! Be on the lookout for a package arriving next week 😊

Third Team Meeting

We hope to see everyone on August 25 at 6pm for our third team meeting. We’ll share team updates, and you’ll hear from Molly Jarman, PhD, MPH who is the Director of the Injury Prevention Program within the Stepping Strong Center. You’ll come away from the meeting with some great takeaways that can be used in your fundraising efforts!


Fundraising Check-In Calls

We will continue to host fundraising check-in calls throughout the marathon season. While not mandatory, these are a great chance to check-in with us and make sure you feel good about your marathon fundraising. Click here to sign up for a fundraising check-in call. These will continue bi-weekly through October 7.

Don’t forget, the second team fundraising deadline for runners August 31st. At that time, runners must have raised a minimum of $5,000 per the runner contract.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

From start to finish,

Ali and Alexa