Special delivery coming your way!

Be on the lookout for a special delivery coming your way this week but PLEASE do not open the box when it arrives! We will open the packages together during our final meeting on September 28 – we know the suspense will be tough 😊.

If you haven’t already, please RSVP NOW for our fourth team meeting. We will be discussing everything you need to know to prepare for Marathon weekend (for both virtual and in-person runners) so we encourage you to make every effort to attend. When you RSVP, you can submit any questions you might have that we will answer at the meeting.


It’s the final countdown to the 125th Boston Marathon! From October 6-10, make sure to check your email and the portal every day for fun and inspiring messages that will be sure to help you cross the finish line on October 11.

Fundraising Challenge: During The Final Countdown, all runners who receive one gift of ANY amount, will be entered in to a chance drawing to win some Stepping Strong swag! We’ll be picking 5 winners who will be announced on 10/13!

Did You Know?

Did you know that for the past two years, the world saw a rise in mass casualty incidents in civilian settings? We encourage you to share this fact with your network the next time you send out fundraising emails/texts or post on social media to show WHY funding for trauma research and care is needed and so important.

If you have any questions, please contact us at marathonteam@bwh.harvard.edu.

From start to finish,

Ali and Alexa