John Furey is the official team trainer for the Brigham Running Program. We are delighted to offer John’s training expertise to you in preparation for the Boston Marathon. To ask training questions, build an individualized training plan, or book a complimentary 30-minute injury screening by Joint Ventures Physical Therapists/Personal Trainers, please contact John directly.

Getting Started

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If you are new to running or have not run in a long time, John suggests you begin with the Couch to 5K program to allow the body to get used to impact. Injury prevention is the most critical part of a training plan at any level. Please take the following steps to optimize your program:

  • Weekly mileage increase
  • Foam roll before running and stretch or roll post run
  • Strength training 2-3x’s per week
  • Cross train to promote variety and reduce overuse risk
  • Get fitted for sneakers

Training Schedule

Updates will also be available at should details change due to weather or other circumstances.

Training Programs

  • Pick a training program that fits your abilities, goals, injury status, time availability, and current running mileage. Most novices do well with 3, maximum 4, running days per week
  • Click here to review the training programs

Information and Tips

  • See for additional training tips, nutrition information, and more!
  • Long runs once a week are important for building mileage. Run with moderate effort and an easy pace; incorporate walking breaks as needed.
  • Strength training (30–40 minutes of push-ups, squats, planks, side planks, pull-ups, etc.) allows for a total body workout.
  • Cross-training (spinning, swimming, rowing machine, elliptical, etc.) is important to give joints a break without impact.
  • Hill intervals start with a 1-1.5 mile warm-up followed by a 1–2 minute climb with a moderate pitch. Run up with hard effort and jog down easy; complete the workout with 1–1.5 mile cool down.
  • 30/30 intervals (2 miles alternating between 30 seconds of hard effort and 30 seconds of easy effort) should be incorporated into the middle of a run. Start with 5 repetitions and add an additional repetition every week.
  • Tempo workouts are 15–20 minutes of hard continuous running in the middle or at the end of a workout.
  • Days off are necessary to let the body recover.